Our Tie Dye Services

At Crew Creative, we offer a variety of services to suit your needs. Whether if you are looking to host a tie-dye party, attend a tie-dye event, or participate in a workshop, we have got you covered

We also offer customised apparel services, including tie-dyeing t-shirts, hoodies, socks and more.

Our tie-dye services are perfect for anyone who wants to add a pop of colour to their wardrobe or express their individuality through unique designs.


Bringing colour to your world, one tie dye at a time!

Tie Dye For All Ages:

Tie-dye is not just for kids!

At Crew Creatie, we offer tie-dye services and products for all ages. Our therapy classes for wellness and rehab facilities and children's centres provide a fun and engaging way to promote creativity and self-expression.

Practicing this  craft develops your fine motor skills, visual motor skills, and hand-eye coordination as you add color to the shirt.

Exercise executive functioning through planning, patience, and focus. Use this activity as a stress reducer and a way to practice mindfulness.

We also offer corporate team-building events, where colleagues can come together to create wearable art items and promote teamwork.


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